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Here is a perfect winter resource to celebrate all things snow in
your classroom. Snow and snowflakes capture children’s imagination. The
life cycle of snowflakes is fascinating and snowflakes begin to grow
bigger and have an appearance depending on temperature, wind and
humidity. This is a lesson plan that will guide you through the process
of using steam activities to inspire students to ask questions.

Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, thanks.

This engaging Snow Flake package contains:

1. How many snowflakes can you see?

2. Life cycle cards

3. Different types of snowflake cards

4. Think diving – What is the connection between ice crystals and a snowflake?

5. Fun facts

6. Snow Words

7. Sparkling Crystal Dictionary + Add your own words

8. Ask the Snowman Sparkling Questions about Snowflakes and Crystals

9. How Does a Snowflake Grow?

10. Can you make a giant snowflake?

11. Describe a snowflake

12. How to grow a snowflake?

13. Imagine strong winds

14. Random inspiration and Symmetry Using a Snowflake Dice (template included)

15. Imagine different colors

16. Snowflake Math Detective

17. Story writing – What if the seasons get mixed up?

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