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This is a pack of Addition worksheets with in 10. This pack is perfect for reinforcing addition concepts. It has Snowman, snowballs and snowflakes (Winter Theme) pictures which will provide students to have fun to do additions. A great set for supporting students when first introducing them to Addition. These pages are perfect for morning work, homework, review, and for extra practice for struggling students.Cover Page is also included.

Total 19 worksheets are included.

In this pack you will find:

* Count the snowman, write the number of snowman and then add——-2 worksheets

* Adding vertically the snowman then write the answer——-2 worksheets

* Count the snowman, add and write the answer in the box—2 worksheets

* Add the numbers written on snowman holding white board—2 worksheets

* Count the snowballs on snowman holding white board and Dab/color the correct answer—-2 worksheets

* Cut and paste the answer to match with the equation written on snowman—-2 worksheets

* Count the snowballs, add them and write the total in the Snowman’s white board—1 worksheet

* Count the snowflakes, add them and write the total in the Snowman’s white board—-1 worksheet

* Count (Add) the snowman. Cut and paste the correct total of snowmen in front of its box——2 worksheets

* Match the number sentence(add). Cut and paste——— 2 worksheets

* Count how many more to make 10, then write it in the box—-1 worksheet