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Here are Winter and Snowman themed activities and writing papers to use in your lessons or add to your Literacy Center.

Product #1: Two snowman themed “How To” writing activities.

1. “How to Make a Snowman” is 3 pages long and walks your students through the process of procedural writing. Page 1 asks them to simply sketch their snowman. Page 2 Asks them to write or draw the materials needed and explain how to build it with first, next, then and last prompts. Page 3 is optional if they need more space or you want to do a final draft. It is also a basic generic writing paper you can use in your literacy center.

2. “How to Decorate A Snowman” is one page and encourages students to draw a plain snowman and decorate it step-by-step. As they decorate each step, they write what they did in the paragraph below the illustration.

Product #2: Winter Poetry Activity Sheets

Have your students write Acrostic or Haiku poetry with these Winter themed poetry activity sheets. A generic sheet for each type of poetry is included to expand the possibilities!

Includes 5 pages:

1. WINTER Acrostic

2. SNOWMAN Acrostic

3. Choose Your Own Winter Acrostic

4. Snowflake Haiku

5. Choose Your Own Winter Topic Haiku

Product #3: Snowman Writing Papers

Have your students write to your Snowman and Winter prompts with these Snowman themed writing papers. Or, place copies of these at your Literacy Center for students to write on their own topic of choice! Available in 3 different writing line options to meet the needs of your students.

Includes 9 pages:

1. 1st Snowman Design in 3 writing line options

2. 2nd Snowman Design in 3 writing line options.

3. Generic Snowflakes in 3 writing line options.

Product #4: Penguin Writing Papers – 1 design in 3 writing line options.

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