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This bundle includes...

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This bundle includes 2 of our resources. It includes our team-building activities that could help your students develop and enhance their social skills and our emotional intelligence activities that could help your students improve their well-being particularly on self, others, stress, and mood.

These are the two resources included:

1. Working Together: Team-Building Activities

This team-building set comes with general objectives. Each activity comes with instructions you can modify. It also comes with processing questions to facilitate learning from the activities that you can discuss with your students.

3 Icebreakers

6 Team building Activities (Included are materials needed, instructions and processing questions to facilitate learning from the activities)

2. Emotional Intelligence: Activities for Student Well-Being

Teaching emotional intelligence could help students handle situations effectively, be able to identify, communicate their feelings to other people, and could help them read situations and relationships. It could also help them regulate their emotions and help them respond appropriately to others.

This Emotional Intelligence resource focuses on 4 areas:

1. Intrapersonal

2. Interpersonal

3. Stress Management

4. General Mood

This emotional intelligence resource includes:

a. Definition of Emotional intelligence

b. Signs of high emotional intelligence

c. Signs of low emotional intelligence

d. Activities on the 4 focused areas

e. Processing questions to facilitate better learning experiences