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Covid 19 Safety Posters | Social Distancing Greetings | Social Distancing Posters | Covid 19 | Morning Greetings | Safety Posters

Social Distancing Posters show children greeting each other with minimal or no contact. Covid 19 safety posters can help stop the spread of coronavirus and be a FUN way to enjoy MORNING GREETINGS! Most posters come in 3 versions: no facial coverings, facial masks, and face shields.

Greetings are a fun way to build classroom community!

Simplify your teaching, just print & display, and you are ready to go!


  • 162 total posters (lots of choices to fit your needs)
  • 22 different greetings
  • many multi-cultural varieties within posters
  • 3 facial covering poster varieties; face shields, face masks, no facial coverings (exception; Blow a Kiss comes in 2 varieties not 3
  • Minimal Contact Greetings:

Air High Five, Air Hug, Blow Kiss, Bow, Curtsy, Dance, Elbow Bump, Fist Bump, Foot Tap, Happy Hands, Hat Tip, Heart, Hip Bump, Namaste, Peace Sign, Salute, Say Hi, Smile, Spirit Fingers, Thumbs Up, Wave, Wink