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Covid 19 Safety Posters | Social Distancing Greetings | Social Distancing Posters | Covid 19 | Morning Greetings | Safety Posters

Social Distancing Posters show children greeting each other with minimal or no contact. Covid 19 safety posters can help stop the spread of coronavirus and be a FUN way to enjoy MORNING GREETINGS. 3 versions of posters included: no facial coverings, facial masks, and face shields.

Greetings are a fun way to build classroom community!

Simplify your teaching, just print & display, and you are ready to go!

You’ll have a total of 84 colorful posters, with the 14 greeting choices shown below.

Each of the 14 Greetings come in 2 versions for multi-cultural variety. Each of those 28 posters come in 3 versions of facial coverings, making 84 choices in all to fit your needs now and in the future as things continue to change.

Posters come in 3 versions:

1. no facial coverings

2. face masks

3. face shields

Minimal Contact Greetings:

Air High Five



Elbow bump

Fist Bump

Foot Tap

Happy Hands

Heart Hands

Peace Sign

Say “HI”


Thumbs Up