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Social Pressures – Forgiveness


☆ 14 pages

☆ Print and Digital

☆ Suitable for Upper Middle and High School – Level Students

☆ Passage and Writing/Discussion Topic: Peer Pressure and Forgiveness and Perspective-taking

This resource includes:

—— 1 Social Pressure Passage titled “Forgiveness and Perspective-taking” (Full Page Text)

—— 1 Question Worksheet (consists of 4 questions)

—— DETAILED Answer Key (for Passage Questions)

—— 8 Mini Writing/Discussion Question Task Cards related to the topic of Forgiveness and Perspective-taking (Color/B&W)

—— 8 Writing/Discussion Question WORKSHEETS (with lines for students to write their responses)

—— Master List of Writing/Discussion Questions (Easy access for teachers)

—— Google Slides Link


This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It’s super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.


Peer pressure is real and all too common! Teens constantly experience all kinds of peer pressure (positive and negative) both in and out of school. Peer pressure can ultimately affect teens’ decision-making, behaviors, emotions, and self-esteem. It’s often hard to navigate difficult situations when dealing with negative peer pressure and hard to take risks when experiencing positive peer pressure.

▶️ PASSAGE TITLE: “Forgiveness”

✅ This resource includes ONE full-page reading passage related to Forgiveness and Perspective-taking. The passage is in a dialogue form to make it more interesting and relatable. 

✅ To determine whether this passage is suitable for your students, this is what the passage is about:

A female teenager feels angry and betrayed because her male best friend revealed her big secret. As a result, she ignores his calls and text messages giving him no opportunity to explain why he revealed her big secret. Her female friend encourages her to listen to his side of the story, understand his perspective, and practice forgiveness. (Positive Peer Pressure)

✅ After students read the passage, they will complete a worksheet that consists of four open-ended questions and support their responses with evidence from the text. A very detailed Answer Key is provided to help you review the answers and engage your students in meaningful discussions.


▶️ Writing/Discussion Questions TASK CARDS and WORKSHEETS (Print and Digital)

Included are 8 Writing/Discussion Questions that are related to the topic of the passage, which is “forgiveness and perspective-taking.” They come in two variations:

✅ Mini Task Cards (Color/B&W – 8 Task Cards on a page making it printer friendly)

✅ Worksheets Form (with lines for students to write their answers)

(The Writing/Discussion Questions are the same in both the Task Cards and Worksheets.)


▶️ When/How to Use the Writing/Discussion Questions:

The Writing/Discussion Questions can be used as a writing assignment or for discussions – your choice! You can use the Writing/Discussion Questions either before or after students read the passage.

✅ Use Questions BEFORE Reading

⭐The questions can be used before students read the passage to build background knowledge of the topic presented in the text, or students can use the questions to engage in meaningful discussions to prepare them for the reading of the text.

✅ Use Questions AFTER Reading

⭐The questions can be used after students read the passage to express their “new” understanding of the topic presented in the text. They can also be used to give students an opportunity to apply or share what they have learned from the passage.

✅ You can use some questions before and after they read the passage – it’s totally up to you!

✅ Please note, the Writing/Discussion Questions are the same exact questions in both the Task Cards and Worksheets. (Answer Keys are NOT included for these questions. There are no concrete right or wrong answers. Students use the questions to express their thinking and ideas about the topic under discussion.)


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