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Item description

Looking for an activity to target social problem-solving? Many students struggle with understanding how certain behaviors cause social problems and miscommunication with their peers in social situations. Help your students understand the causes of social problems by investigating social “slip-ups.”

Use social investigation skills to match 12 confused characters with their social “slip-up” and give them advice on how they can improve their interactions with others!

Perfect for…

  • Older students with social communication needs.
  • Exploring social “nuances.”
  • Strengthening social awareness.
  • Practicing perspective taking.

What’s Included

12 Social Slip-Up Character Cards that Feature…

  • Older kids and teens as the subjects.
  • A character explaining a situation through their perspective where they make a social slip-up… and things don’t go as expected.
  • A social situation that contains one of 12 social slip-ups…
  • off-topic, negative body language, too focused on others, interrupting, possessive of friendships, sharing private information, not filtering thoughts, not following group rules, focused only on their interests, immature behavior, being inflexible, not providing background information.

Student Worksheet

  • Short descriptions of the 12 social slip-ups
  • Read a character card, match them with their social slip-up, and give them some advice.
  • Space for students to record their findings for 2 character cards.
  • Save paper! Place in sheet protectors and use with dry-erase pens. Read a character card, write your findings, and grab another card!

Flashcards & Discussion Strip

  • Provides extra support for students with icons and descriptions of the social slip-ups.
  • Use the discussion strip as a wrap-up activity to discuss certain slip-ups in more depth.