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Social skills bracelets help promote positive peer relationships as well as enhance social awareness, peer relationships, conflict management, self regulation, coping strategies, apologizing, conversation skills, compliments, joining in play, greetings etc.

****Please note. The files in this product are Microsoft powerpoint. Please make sure that you have the appropriate software to open powerpoint on your computer****

This product is designed to provide portable easily accessible visual reminders to help students successfully and independently execute different steps for a wide variety of different social skills.

Students can wear these bracelets during times when these key social skills are needed to help encourage appropriate social interactions between themselves and their peers.

Included are 49 different premade bracelets that can be printed off and immediately put to use.

Bracelets are available in both 4 step (4 square) and 3 step (3 square) visual sequences. Each bracelet is also available in either a low ink or color option.

Should your student require personalized/individualized bracelets, the pre-made bracelets are also editable (both the title AND social skill visual tiles are editable).

Additionally, blank bracelets are provided (with editable titles) along with multiple different social skill visual tiles (also editable) that can either be cut and paste or electronically transferred onto each bracelet to provide the ultimate personalized visual cues specific to your student.

Should your student not want to wear these as a bracelet, the ‘bracelets’ can be printed and then attached to lanyards/book-rings etc.

Specific ‘pre-made’ bracelets include:

Saying “Hi” to a friend

Different ways to greet a friend

Asking a friend to play

Joining in play

Playing with toys

Different ways to ask to play

When I don’t know how to play

Someone says “Sorry”

When I don’t want to play (X2)

If someone doesn’t want to play (X2)

If I hurt someone’s feelings (X2)

Saying “Bye”

Taking turns (X2)

Playing a game

When I lose a game

When I win a game

When I make a mistake

When I want to say something

When I want to ask a question

When I’m working in a group (X2)

Having a conversation

When I speak

When a friend speaks

Asking a kid their name

Different ways to say “Hi”

When a friend wins something

When a friend wins, I can say . . . .

When I am talking to a friend (X2)

Someone tells a joke

Working with a partner, I can say

At the end of a game

Someone says “Thank you”

Asking a friend what they want to play

Things I can say at recess (X3)

I get upset

A friend wants something from me

Someone gives me a compliment

Saying ‘Bye’

When I want to borrow something

Getting a friend’s attention

Introducing myself