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Social Skills / Social Filters / Filtering Your Thoughts BUNDLE


☆ 160 pages

☆ Includes 3 Products

☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)

☆ Social Emotional Learning / Life Skills

☆ Suitable for Upper Middle and High School Students

☆ Includes a total of 7 Google Slide Links

☆ SEL – related topics

Products included:

▶️ Filtering Your Thoughts” Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets

▶️ Thinking Before Responding Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets

▶️ Social Skills – Think vs. Say


This entire BUNDLE is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It’s super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.


Many young teens, and even adults, have little to no filter and struggle to keep their thoughts, feelings, or emotions from interfering with their choice of words – especially when they are angry or feel like they have been done wrong. They blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind, without thinking about the consequences. This often times leads to unnecessary drama and negative energy. It is important that students learn how to control their feelings and emotions in awkward situations and think before they speak. Our tongue has the power to build or destroy people’s self-esteem and confidence. While it’s true that honesty is the foundation of any lasting relationship, saying how you truly feel should be done respectfully, carefully, and in an appropriate manner.

These three resources consist of Task Cards, Worksheets, PowerPoint, and Answer Keys centered around social filtering and thinking before responding – Print and Digital!

This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to “filter their thoughts.” The scenarios in these resources are highly relevant that students can easily relate to and experience almost on a daily basis!



▶️ ABOUT: “Filtering Your Thoughts” Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets

—— 12 Filtering Your Thoughts Worksheets in Graphic Organizer Form

—— 12 Filtering Your Thoughts Writing Response Worksheets

—— 12 B&W Scenario Task Cards

—— Scenario PowerPoint (12 Slides)

—— 12 RAINBOW – colored Task Cards

—— 3 Blank Worksheets (with graphics for you to generate your own scenario)

—— List of Scenarios (Easy Access for Teachers)

—— Answer Keys/Sample Responses

—— 4 Google Slide Links

**** Each resource item features the SAME 12 scenarios!


▶️ ABOUT: Thinking Before Responding Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets PACKET

—— 24 Colored Scenario Task Cards

—— 24 B&W Scenario Task Cards

—— 24 Think Before You Respond Writing Response Worksheets

—— 24 Think Before You Respond Activity Worksheets

—— Listing of Scenarios (Overview pages/ Easy Access for Teachers)

—— 2 Blank Sheets for you to generate your own scenarios!

—— 2 Google Slide Links

—— Detailed ANSWER KEYS (for all activity sheets)

—— Google Slide Link


▶️ ABOUT: Think vs. Say Activity Worksheets and KEYS

—— 2 Think vs. Say – Filtering Your Thoughts Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS

—— 2 Bulletin Board Task Display Page (to display with student work on Bulletin Boards – with and without watercolor backgrounds)

—— Google Slide Link


***Lesson plans are not included. These resources can be used in addition to your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.


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