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Social Skills / Social Filters / Filtering Your Thoughts Scenarios

☆ Topic – Social Filters/Filtering Your Thoughts
☆ 65 pages
☆ Features 12 Scenarios in 5 Variations
☆ Print and Digital (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)
☆ Suitable for upper Middle and High School Students
☆ SEL-related topic
☆ Answer Keys/Sample Responses included!

This resource includes:
—— 12 Filtering Your Thoughts Worksheets in Graphic Organizer Form
—— 12 Filtering Your Thoughts Writing Response Worksheets
—— 12 B&W Task Cards
—— Scenario PowerPoint (12 Slides)
—— 12 RAINBOW – colored Task Cards
—— 3 Blank Worksheets (with graphics for you to generate your own scenario)
—— List of Scenarios (Easy Access for Teachers)
—— Answer Keys/Sample Responses
—— FOUR Google Slide Links
**** Each resource item features the SAME 12 scenarios!

Many young teens, and even adults, have little to no filter and struggle to keep their thoughts, feelings, or emotions from interfering with their choice of words – especially when they are angry or feel like they have been done wrong. They blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind, without thinking about the consequences. This often times leads to unnecessary drama and negative energy. It is important that students learn how to control their feelings and emotions in awkward situations and think before they speak. Our tongue has the power to build or destroy people’s self-esteem and confidence. While it’s true that honesty is the foundation of any lasting relationship, saying how you truly feel should be done respectfully, carefully, and in an appropriate manner.

This resource is centered around 12 “Filtering Your Thoughts” scenarios where students are asked to read each scenario and write what they might think in each situation. Then, they are asked to “filter” their thoughts and verbally express them in an appropriate and respectful manner (without hurting the person’s feelings). Students have opportunities to practice choosing their words carefully and replacing life draining thoughts and words with positive energy. They can also learn that they can still get their point across and be honest in an appropriate and respectful manner.
FOUR GOOGLE SLIDE VERSIONS are included: One for the graphic organizer worksheet variation, one for the writing prompt variation, one for the blank worksheets variation, and one for the PowerPoint variation.

The Scenario Task Cards can be used as part of a larger lesson, in guided small groups, whole-class discussions, partner discussion before sharing out with the larger group or class, or even one-on-one with a teacher, guidance counselor, or parent/guardian! These two different Task Card variations contain the same scenarios. You can print the Task Cards out on gloss paper or regular paper and laminate them. You may also organize them in a binder ring.

✅ This resource also includes 12 Writing Response WORKSHEETS with lines, so students can write their responses to the following writing prompt task:
✅ Read the scenario and write what you might think in this situation. Write how you will “filter” your thoughts and verbally express them in an appropriate and respectful manner (without hurting the person’s feelings).
Answer Keys/Sample Responses included!


✅ This resource also includes 12 Graphic Organizer-style WORKSHEETS, which can be used to differentiate for students. It includes the scenario and two line-boxed sections where students write possible thoughts they might have about the scenarios presented and how they’d filter those thoughts in the second box.
✅ These worksheets are great for “Quick Writes,” Do Now activities, Note-Taking/Reflection periods, Formative Assessments, or can simply be used as part of a larger lesson or discussion! They include breath-taking borders, fonts, and clip arts by other contributing artists.
✅ Also included are three blank Activity Worksheets for you to duplicate and generate your own scenarios and students write them down – allows for great flexibility.
✅ Thorough ANSWER KEYS are included for EACH of these scenario worksheets to provide you with another adult’s perspective on possible responses to these scenarios!

✅ Included is a PowerPoint (uneditable) that only includes the scenarios. You can display the scenarios on a Smartboard to review and discuss with the class.

▶️ LIST of “Filtering Your Thoughts” Scenarios
Also included is a 2-page LIST OF SCENARIOS to allow easier access for teachers to read and select scenarios to work with. It’s like an overview page of the scenarios listed in the Task Cards!


▶️ How/When To Use the Scenario Task Cards

✅ Role-Playing: Students can collaborate in pairs or groups to act out a variety of scenarios and demonstrate appropriate responses. Role-playing activities can also be used to demonstrate how to appropriately handle or navigate difficult situations after considering other people’s perspectives and feelings in a situation. Students have an opportunity to practice expressing their thoughts in an appropriate and respectful manner. This activity can ultimately improve confidence, communication, and assertiveness skills.
✅ Icebreaker: This can be a great way to start a meeting, training session, or team-building activity. It’s also a great way to get students to get to know each other and buy into the purpose of an upcoming activity or lesson.
✅ Play Writing Exercise: Students can work in groups to create skits or scenes then perform the skits for the class and demonstrate appropriate responses.
✅ Writing Response: Students can be given a scenario to read and then write their responses. Students can switch papers with a partner who then reads their responses and determines whether they agree/disagree with their responses/approaches to these real-life scenarios/ situations.
✅ Discussion: Students can discuss the Scenario Task Cards in groups or whole class. They can discuss things like “What should we consider about the situation as well as other people’s perspectives and feelings before responding?” “How can you respectfully handle this situation?” “How can you filter your thoughts so you sound respectful and mature in this situation?” and “What are some other options you could consider in terms of what you would do or say in these situations?”

Lesson plans are not included. These activity and writing prompt worksheets can be used as a resource with your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.

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