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Looking for a fun way to incorporate math, reading, and writing into your social studies block? Want to expand your students’ knowledge of notable people and historical figures? Person of the Week is here! And this bundle – Person of the Week: Trailblazers edition – includes the first six notable people in this product line: Shirley Chisholm, Sally Ride, Booker T. Washington, Amelia Earhart, Rita Moreno, and Steve Jobs! While several of the people from this resource could be incorporated into Women’s History Month, Black History Month, or Hispanic Heritgage Month, I’ve created this resource to be used at any time of the year.


Each Person of the Week resource features a unit of study about a different notable figure, past and present. For each person featured you will find:


❶ A mini poster you can laminate and hang in your classroom and print out for your students.

❷ Words to know featuring all the words in the reading passage about the Person of the Week + vocabulary pages so students can write the definitions in their own words, create illustrations, and more!

❸ Maps that show where the major events in the person’s life occurred.

❹ A 1-2 page biography passage about the Person of the Week.

❺ A quick check based on the biography passage which features cross-curricular questions based in reading, writing, math, and social studies

❻ Interactive notebook pages so your students can retell the beginning, middle, and end of the passage, write three facts about the Person of the Week, and a blank interactive notebook page to use however you see fit!

❼ A list of suggested books that you can use to build your classroom library, your students’ knowledge, or that you can even send home with students so they can research on their own!


The whole resource is created in color AND black & white, in addition to having full page and half page options so that it is completely adaptable to your classroom needs!


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