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Give your students their own iPhones! Wait, what? I mean their own paper iPhones, of course, with apps that teach them about the solar system! This fun resource can be printed on colored paper or on white paper and later colored by your students. It’s a great way to study the solar system!

This Product Includes:

The following solar system vocabulary terms are referred to as “apps:”

✓ Sun

✓ Mercury

✓ Venus

✓ Earth

✓ Mars

✓ Jupiter

✓ Saturn

✓ Uranus

✓ Neptune

✓ Meteorite

✓ Moon

✓ Asteroid

✓ Galaxy

✓ Satellite

✓ Constellation

✓ Comet

✓ Meteor

✓ Star

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Two different pages of apps for you to choose from or mix and match

✓ Practice sheets for identifying planets

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Simply copy the resources, and then have students cut out the “apps.”

✓ Then, have students glue down just the top portion where it folds on the dotted line.

✓ Under the flap have students write facts about that particular “app.”

✓ Students can then color the iPhone and/or cut it out.