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“When will I ever use this?” The famous question asked by every Algebra student. Give your students a REAL application of solving equations with this mini project!

When textbook application problems aren’t cutting it to spark your students’ interest, these “When Will I Ever Use This” mini projects will give them the real life application they are craving. From doctors, to accountants, to business owners, and beyond, algebra is used everyday by a variety of professionals.

Professional: Electrician

Task: A parking lot with lampposts keeping losing power. Your students will figure out why, based on an Algebraic formula called Watt’s Law. They will diagnose the issue by solving equations and make suggestions to fix the problem.

Algebra Skills:

  • Solving 1-step equations.
  • Substitution into a formula.
  • Solving literal equations for particular variables.
  • Writing and solving multi-step equations.

This mini project is perfect to use as a unit-ending activity for exponential functions for Algebra 1 or Algebra 2.