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Are you or your students struggling with emotions and/or having difficulty choosing coping strategies to regulate you bodies? Are your students off-task, disruptive, distracted, or impulsive?  Do you need ideas to help manage these behaviors?  All behaviors have a reason and students will do well when they can. Use these self-regulation social-emotional learning activities to help them recognize their emotions and teach different strategies for management.


Remember to find ways to manage your stress so that you are calm and can successfully co-regulate with your students. Find ways to calm down, focus on learning, provide a stress break, and lower anxiety. Not only will these types of activities help with classroom management, but they will also build skills they can use throughout their lives.


Use this social emotional learning regulation product as an adjunct to any self-regulation, behavior, or social-emotional curriculum (How Does Your Engine Run™, PBIS™, SEL™, ZONEs of regulation™…) for a way to review and master the material. “This file is an independent product and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Think Social Publishing, Inc. or by Leah Kuypers, author of The Zones of Regulation”.

This interactive adapted book is a simple emotion sorting activity that can also be used to make books for individual students for building emotional intelligence. It includes the emotions/feelings and tools/strategies that can help manage those feelings. Work on self-regulation skills and coping skills. Help students learn to identify their emotions and choose strategies that will help them regulate their behaviors to match the situation. This works best when printed, cut out, and laminated so students can manipulate the emotions and strategies.