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Item description

This gorgeous Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures comes with a range of phoneme/grapheme posters, mouth pictures for articulation, and a comprehensive range of sound wall headings.

It will help you to focus on letter/sounds, common graphemes and mouth articulation as you deliver your phonics program.

It is in a beautiful a BOHO RAINBOW theme, with soft boho shades, complemented with beautiful boho rainbows on a fresh white background.

Sound Wall Includes:

✔47 posters in boho rainbow theme

✔Each poster includes: a boho rainbow, phoneme and 3-4 words containing the most common graphemes. EDITABLE FILE also included – add your own words!

✔Additional set of posters that include extended graphemes

✔Options for adding your own words (see below)

✔‘Sound Wall’ Circle Heading and 52 themed headings for your display

✔ Print more than one to a page to reduce size for mini-posters and flashcards

✔Mouth formation cards for each sound – three versions included. Full color, color phonemes with blackline mouth formations, grey with blackline mouths.

✔ Three styles of lock images (with rainbow and boho colors, with boho colors, black and white)

✔ Set-up guide

Phonemes Included:

✿Consonants /p/ /t/ /k/ /b/ /d/ /g/ /j/ /f/ /s/ /v/ /z/ /h/ /y/ /w/ /l/ /r/ /m/ /n/

/k//w/ /k//s/

✿Short Vowels

✿Long Vowels

✿Consonant Digraphs /th/ voiced and unvoiced, /ng/ /sh/ /ch/ /wh/ with breath /zh/


✿Vowel Dipthongs /oi/ /ou/

✿Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’ /ur/ /a(r)/ /ā(r)/ /o(r)/

Added by request:

26/9/21 – /er/

Headings included:

✔Sound Wall

✔Phoneme (speech sound)


✔Tricky Graphemes

✔Vowels that make your mouth smile

✔Vowels that make your mouth round


✔Consonant Sounds

✔Consonant Digraphs





✔Stops Unvoiced

✔Stops Voiced

✔Continuants Unvoiced

✔Continuants Voiced







✔Long Vowel Sounds

✔Short Vowel Sounds

✔Other Vowel Sounds


✔Vowel Dipthongs

✔Vowel Sounds Influenced by ‘R’

A note about the words in this sound wall…

 Around the world, the way that we pronounce words differs according to our accent, the dialect of our region, and our own pronunciation. No phonics program can incorporate the variances of different regions and their dialects.

I acknowledge that my choice of words may differ from yours, and so I have tried to make it easy for you to include your own words, if you wish to.

There are two ways that you can add your own words:

1. By request

If your preferred words are not included in this pack, please use the Q & A feature to request your words. Please write the phoneme; eg /g/ followed by your preferred words – one for each grapheme you wish to display (extended graphemes ok).

Your words will be added to the Requests File within this resource within 24 hours.

If you prefer not to use the Q & A feature, you can email [email protected] with the details.

2. Use the editable poster templates.

Editable templates are provided in this pack. The templates have embedded fonts, so when you type in the PowerPoint file, your new words will have the same font as the rest of the pack. Save as a PDF to print at the same scale as the original file.


This resource would work for students of all ages!


Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:

✿ include alongside your learning walls – use singular phonemes within your learning walls

✿ use in conjunction with vocabulary walls and morphemic spelling walls

✿ print small to create flashcards focused on phonemes

What is a Sound Wall?

A sound wall is organised by sound, helping students to move from speech-print using phonemes (letter sounds), mouth formation (articulation), and recognition of common and uncommon graphemes (letter patterns).

A sound wall is a fantastic tool, easily differentiated for younger and older students. It aids in explicit and systematic phonic instruction, orthographic mapping, spelling and decoding, while also providing students with a working reference wall for reading and writing.