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Create sound walls with mouth pictures using these phoneme posters and labels. Quickly and easily set up a vowel valley and consonant phoneme bulletin board. Based on the science of reading and great for Orton-Gillingham programs. An alternative to word walls, over 100 sound cards let you teach and reinforce explicit phonemic awareness skills.

► Includes student handouts.

► Make different size classroom displays or create smaller versions for centers or take home.

Sound walls effectively teach reading and spelling skills by grouping phonemes according to their sound. This resource includes instructions and editable cards to add additional keywords.

Extra phonemes are included so this set can be used along with any instructional program and sequence from kindergarten to fifth grade. It is perfect for special education, reading intervention, and Orton-Gillingham-based programs.

Special Features

Boho Rainbow background to coordinate with your classroom decor.

► Sound wall teaching notes and examples.

► Vowel valley and consonant wall examples.

► Student handouts.

► Sound wall headers, with editable options.

► Instructions on creating different size displays to fit any space.

► Phoneme type labels. (stops, nasals, fricatives, liquids, glides, affricates, voiced)

► 118 vowel and consonant phoneme cards/posters with mouth articulation pictures, key words, key word pictures, and phoneme type.

► Open Dyslexic font.

► Spelling options included on each card.

► Short vowel options with initial and medial sounds.

► Lock sheets to cover sounds until they are taught.

► Printing instructions.

► An add-on set is included with 25 posters that have additional keywords and pictures that align with Orton-Gillingham-based programs.

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