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Are you looking for the perfect review project for the end of Spanish 1? This low-prep portfolio activity will help your students review all the concepts they’ve seen this year!

This project encourages students to create a useful portfolio to use as a reference throughout Spanish 2!

This editable powerpoint includes the following:

  • Clear student instructions
  • Deadlines for project tasks
  • 19 topics with student choice projects for each topic
  • Fully editable version to adjust to other language classes
  • Review topics include:
    • Greetings & Introductions
    • Los números
    • Los colores
    • El calendario and Spanish format dates
    • Telling Time
    • Ser y estar
    • Super 7 verbs for “yo”
    • Super 7 verbs for “él/ella”
    • Physical descriptions
    • Personality descriptions
    • La familia
    • Las clases
    • Mi Rutina
    • Ir al médico
    • Por el pueblo
    • Around the house
    • Common questions
    • Full vocabulary review

Suggested use: I use this project to review a concept or two every day or two, then provide work time for students to create their portfolio as a “Spanish 2 Bootcamp” project. Depending on your timing, this project takes 3-4 weeks to complete. It’s a great comprehensive review for starting Spanish 2!