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Are you teaching the Super Seven verbs to your novice Spanish class? This no-prep, print-and-go word wall is an easy way to support students’ Spanish use and decorate your classroom!

This classroom decor is perfect for a beginner or intermediate Spanish class. This word wall includes super 7 verbs for your comprehensible input classroom, including ir, tener, ser, querer, estar, gustar, haber. This resource includes conjugations in first person singular (yo), third person singular (él, ella), and infinitives. You can also print in black and white or color with or without English meanings.

Encourage students to turn to this word wall when they need a familiar word that is just on the tip of their tongue. This not only helps students succeed, but encourages them to use their resources before asking you during class.

This set includes infinitives & present yo, él/ella conjugations for:

  • ir (voy, va)
  • tener (tengo, tiene)
  • ser (soy, es)
  • querer (quiero, quiere)
  • estar (estoy, está)
  • gustar (me gusta, le gusta)
  • haber (hay)

This resource includes a non-editable PDF.