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Los días de la semana y meses del año

In this package, teachers will be able to sharpen their Spanish lesson plan by adding a fun interactive activity. The basic knowledge about Days of the week and Months of the year  will be made easy with this short but educational program. 

You can find theme colorful slides, practice questions, and quizzes, students will learn about days and months  in Spanish.

What’s Included:

  • 41 pages
  • Practice – Exercises: PDF documents, that teachers will be able to use in conjunction with the interactive book. The exercises are great practice for the students as it puts what they’ve learned to the test. It gives students an opportunity to get involved and show off their knowledge by typing in answers directly in the boxes. 
  • Practice – Quizzes: PDF document, that teachers will be able to use in conjunction with the interactive book. Quizzes are multiple choice. If answered correctly, students will be be able to continue. However, if answered incorrectly, students will need to go back and try again. 

Tips and Advice:

  • For the exercise and practice quizzes, open the separate PDF documents once you’ve reached the end of each unit and put your students to the test! This a great way to break up the lecture and allow students to be more hands-on between each unit. 
  • We recommend downloading Adobe Reader to use interactive content.

Terms of Use:

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