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Item description

This lesson has been specifically developed to support students with learning or intellectual difficulties to understand key aspects relating to:


A mini lesson exploring safe sex practices, as well as how to keep yourself and your partner safe from unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

This lesson has been created to include key information in a easy to read manner with visuals to support information retention. Depending on the age, developmental level and key learning needs, Teachers, Parents, School Counsellors and other Allied Health Professionals should use their insight and judgement to determine whether the information contained in this lesson is suitable and appropriate for each individual student.

This lesson is built into a scaffold learning system with a total of 6 lessons. You can choose to use this lesson in isolation, however should you with to further build the knowledge around relationships and sexuality, feel free to check out the remainder of the lessons. The lessons include:

1. Personal Body Safety

2. Puberty

3. Special Relationships and Dating

4. Sex and Consent

5. Safe Sex Practices

6. Safety in the Community

Feel free to check out the bundle to save on accessing all of the lessons.

Please ensure that you are fully aware of the content of the package prior to implementing with children to ensure material covered is suitable and family consent is provided in order to teach children education around these topics.