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Looking for a ready-to-play Bingo game to review hobbies, activities, or pasatiempos vocabulary with your Spanish students? This is a great, no-prep game to play with your students and learn more about their interests!

This print-and-go activity includes 30 different Bingo boards. Have more than 30 students? No pasa nada, just make extra copies and celebrate extra wins! In this fun game, students will identify hobbies after hearing the term aloud in Spanish.

This bingo game also includes a teacher cheat sheet with instructions for game play. You’ll also see suggestions for differentiation and extension to support all students.

This BINGO Game Uses these Hobbies & Activities Vocabulary terms:

  • Bailar
  • Cocinar
  • Correr, atletismo
  • Dormir
  • Escribir
  • Escuchar música
  • Estudiar
  • Ir al cine
  • Ir a comprar
  • Ir al parque
  • Jugar al baloncesto
  • Jugar al béisbol
  • Jugar a los bolos
  • Jugar al fútbol
  • Jugar al fútbol americano
  • Jugar al hockey hielo
  • Jugar al tenis
  • Jugar al voleibol
  • Hablar con mis amigos
  • Leer
  • Montar en bicicleta
  • Pintar, dibujar
  • Practicar yoga
  • Sacar fotos

This product includes non-editable, ready-to-print PDFs.