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Do you need a no-prep Thanksgiving activity for Spanish class? This Spanish “would you rather…?” or “This or that” game is Thanksgiving themed and perfect for those last days before Thanksgiving break!

This “qué prefieres?” style game will give your students 20 prompts with 2 comprehensible options to choose between. This product includes a Google Slides version, a Pear Deck ready slide deck Pear Deck, and a Jamboard template that is ready-to-play! This game is comprehensible enough for Spanish 1 students to understand and participate, but able to be leveled up to Spanish 2 & 3 students by having students justify or explain their choices! This game can be leveled up higher with follow up discussion questions! For a printable version, you can print the slides into a PDF handout.


This product includes:

  • Google Slides
  • Pear Deck ready slides
  • Link to Jamboard template


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