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Many people think of being happy and excited as good emotions and anger and sadness as being bad ones. Because of this, many people spend years trying to repress, block or avoid these emotions. But it is important to know that all emotions are normal. Three are no good or bad feelings or emotions. They are messages.


This activity encourages emotional awareness by encouraging individuals to reflect and gain insight into their various emotional states.


This resource encourages students to imagine that they are walking along the beach while they are a particular emotional state and they come across a “message in a bottle” which is just perfect for what they need and want while they are in that emotional state.

This activity includes the following:

– About this activity

– Emotions are not good or bad handout

– Imagine This… (narrative)

– The process – What to do

– Examples of Completed bottles (sadness and anxiety)

– Bottle and Note templates for the following states (angry, sad, bored, confused, curious, disappointed, embarrassed, grumpy, excited, happy, anxious, proud, scared and shy)

“If your feelings had something important to say, what would they tell me.”