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This Social Narrative supports children’s understanding of the importance of eating and drinking food as well as emphasise their ability to eat and drink food independently.

A five step process is included which helps to support children who may present with fussy eating patterns as well as a co-dependence parents and/or other carers to feed them.

This Social Narrative is highly visual with colourful and engaging visuals to support information retention and understanding.

This Social Narrative explores:

– Why we need to eat and drink

– Correlation between eating food = big, strong, healthy

– Correlation between not eating = sick and unhealthy

– Feeling Myself

– When I should eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

– Different types of foods (everyday foods and sometimes foods)

– When I don’t feel Hungry

– My Special Trick (5 step trick to encourage trying new foods and eating independently)

– Feeling anxious and using Dragon Breathing

– Dragon Breathing Colouring Page