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The following mini-lesson and craft activity is great to help students express their gratitude and appreciation and give compliments to those around them! This activity is a creative and beautiful way to encourage a kindness mindset within a school or education setting. It is encouraging for the class community so see the jar be filled with acts of kindness, compliments and good deeds over time!


This activity can help to foster a positive, encouraging, constructive environment that can help to build growth mindset, personal character and reduce bullying. This is a great initiative for a whole class or even entire school approach to bring about systemic change.

This mini-lesson includes:

– What is a Kindness Jar?

– Kindness Questionnaire

– Impact of Kindness

– The process – what to do

– Giving someone a sincere compliment

– Compliment Templates

– Designated Class Kindness Time

– My Kindness Pledge

– Acts of Kindness Ideas

– My Kindness Jars (templates)