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This creative and printable board game has been developed to provide a foundation which explores a vital executive functioning skill – self-control and impulse control.


“Let’s Pause” is a growth mindset board game which is great for students who may struggle to think before they act, who present with difficulties associated with ADHD or students who could benefit from considering the consequences of their actions.


Using the analogy of a “remote control” students are asked to reflect on their behaviour and the impact when they can


-“pause and stop” and think about their behaviour

-“fast forward” where impulses take over

-“play” when you can just keep going

-“rewind” when they can take a step back after our impulses have got the better of us and think about the consequences.

This game encourages reflection and psycho-education around impulse control, self-control, emotional regulation and anger management.


There are over 115 reflective question cards with 23 cards in each of the five various color-coded areas. These include:


– Reflect – practical and relatable scenarios to help put learning into practice

– Let’s Pause – reflecting on impulse control and its impact

– Better Choices – exploring emotional regulation, coping strategies and strategies

– Let’s Chat – conversation starters to build rapport

– Anger – exploring anger management

This is a great game which is a perfect supplement for our Impulse Control “Let’s Pause Mini-Lesson”