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There are times when children will often engage in behaviours such as tantrums, whining and whingeing, saying “No” and throwing items. It’s important to think about the purpose of this behaviour and whether the behaviour is accidently being rewarded or reinforced by what you do post behaviour. In the interim however, until you are able to determine the function of the behaviour the following strategies may provide some guidelines for you to implement.

This resource can be used by parents, teacher, carers to explore various preventative and response strategies to manage disruptive behaviour from young children. These strategies may aid in the development of a positive Behavioural Support Plan or simply to create a more engaging and proactive response to these behavioural concerns.

This 14 page resource includes:

– Possible reasons for tantrums or misbehavior (functions of behaviour)

– Behavioural Strategies

– Interaction Guidelines

– Behavioural Flowchart