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The following workbook supports students to understand their anxiety and learn about coping strategies to help them get out of their head, out of panic mode and into the here and now. This workbook is full of worksheets, activities, posters, handouts and much more! Find everything you are needing in this no prep and print counseling workbook.

This mini-lesson explores:

All about Emotions

All about Anxiety (including worry facts)

The Anxiety & Stress Continuum


-What does anxiety look and feel like?

-How does your body feel when you are anxious?

Your body’s alarm system (fight/flight/freeze)

Panic Button Questionnaire

When I feel anxious…

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

-The difference


Scale of Worry

-Creating your own Scale of Worry

-Rating Worries Worksheet

Asking for help

– What do you need from others when you are anxious?

Calming & Coping Strategies

-Strategy Cards

-Coping Skills Rating Scales

-Deep Breathing – Chasing Rainbows

-Sensory Diffuses & Visualisation

-5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

-Anxiety Worksheet

-Release your Worries

-Letting Go of my Thoughts

-Panic Button Coping Skills Poster

-Getting Help

-Personal Growth Challenge

-3 Good Things – Practicing Gratitude

-Inspirational Quote Poster