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This workbook has been designed for teenagers and explores how to party safely, what to do if something goes wrong as well as consider safe and risky choices when it comes to parties. Included is a checklist of considerations for throwing a party to ensure that safeguards are in place for success.

This workbook is great for all teenagers and young adults. Whether you are going to throw or attend a party, this workbook will equip them with the necessary information so that they can be empowered to make informed decisions about keeping themselves safe.

This workbook covers the following:

– All About Safe Partying

– Safe partying tips

– Violence and aggression

– What is alcohol (including short and long term effects)

– Legal alcohol limits

– Hangovers

– Binge drinking

– Drink spiking

– What are drugs?

– Drug Taking?

– 7 Facts about Drugs?

– Reducing risks

– Be drug aware

– Getting home safe and sound

– International standard emergency number

– What to do if your friends drink too much

– Peer pressure and saying “NO”

– Partying Safely Scenario Reflection Worksheets

– Checklist for throwing a Safe Party

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