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Separation can cause a lot of stress for families and can also significantly impact upon children’s wellbeing.

The great news is that there are some child-centered approaches and strategies that can support parents to connect with and understand their children’s needs during times of separation and transition. For example when your child heads off to Day Care, Kindergarten or School.

The following portfolio includes strategies and interventions to help strengthen the parent-child relationships while promoting their child’s social and emotional wellbeing throughout separations and transitions.

We explore Separation Anxiety, Attachment and Development and the specific tips for success. Additionally we explore the important role of routines and schedules within a child’s life. A Social Narrative called “Going to School” is included as well as numerous visual support resources for emotions, coping skills and routine posters.

This portfolio is divided into six individual lessons. You can choose to use each lesson in isolation or scaffold through the lessons one by one. The six lessons include:

1.Understanding Separation Anxiety

– Understanding Separation Anxiety

– Separation & Development

– Object Permanence

– Leave and Return

– The Good News…

– What Separation Anxiety Looks like?

2.Attachment & Development

– Attachment theory

– Secure & Insecure Attachment

– Why does Attachment matter?

– Characteristics of temperament

– Simultaneous Feelings

3.Tips for Success

– PEP TALK – Prioritise Building a Strong Connection

– The triad – preparation, brisk transition & time

– Tips for Success Checklists (Before the date, the night before, on the day, after pick up)

– The hard part – Separating and saying “goodbye”

– Helpful Hints

4.Routines & Schedules

– Why are Routines & Schedules important?

– Creating Predictable Routines

– My Morning Routine

– Poster & Checklist

– My Night Time Routine

– Poster & Checklist

5.“I’m Going to School” Social Narrative

– I’m a big kid now!

– Good things happen at school

– My Classroom, Teacher & Backpack

– I feel nervous & Coping Tools

– Hug – Kiss – High-5 and Bye

– I am safe!

– I am brave!

6.Emotions & Coping Tools

– Feeling & Body Connections

– Feelings

– Body Sensations

– Coping Strategy Cards

– Balloon Breathing & Other Breath Strategies

– Coping Affirmations