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Making Choices and Expressing Preferences Speaking Task Cards are the perfect way to help primary level learners practice their communication skills. With 42 vivid image cards, these language learning tools provide a fun and interactive way to teach young students how to make decisions and express their opinion. Each card features a pair of contrasting images to help learners identify and compare options. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home, this set of task cards is great for helping students practice their communication skills, master decision making, and learn how to express their preferences.

What’s included:

✔42 pairs of colorful images

✔4×4 task card sizes

✔1 whole page of picture

✔4 sets of game instructions that you can choose from for your class and/or attach to your lesson plans.


1. baking vs. cooking

2. playing the violin vs. playing the drums

3. pet cat vs. pet dog

4. evening vs. morning

5. rainy vs. snowy

6. cold weather vs. hot weather

7. fruit juice vs. milk

8. pizza vs. hamburger

9. grapes vs. apple

10. sandwich vs. donut

11. tomatoes vs. carrot

12. cake vs. apple

13. tacos vs. nachos

14. book vs. movie

15. camping vs. swimming

16. winter vs. summer

17. motorbike vs. bike

18. Math vs. English

19. spring vs. fall

20. lollipop vs. jellybeans

21. soccer/football vs. basketball

22. orange vs. apple

23. spaghetti vs. noodle soup

24. hot food vs. cold food

25. reading vs. writing

26. jogging vs. skateboarding

27. dancing vs. singing

28. Christmas vs. birthday

29. Math vs. Science

30. drawing vs. painting

31. vegetables vs. fruits

32. playing vs. sleeping

33. play the guitar vs. play the keyboard

34. Christmas vs. Halloween

35. watch movie vs. go swimming

36. gardening vs. baking

37. pet birds vs. pet fish

38. sunny vs. rainy

39. long hair vs. short hair

40. Ferris wheel vs. merry-go-round

41. sour food vs. sweet food

42. swing vs. seesaw