Item description

DGE and GE Spelling Rule Tools is packed full of multi-sensory practice activities to help students remember when to use dge or ge when spelling the /j/ sound. Cool Tools Spelling Rules packs include interactive notebook pages, anchor charts, games, practice pages, word-building activities, memory anchors, word lists, assessment ideas, and more. 

. This was created to give students the tools they need to apply spelling rules and improve both spelling and reading skills. Ready to print and go, they complement any Orton-Gillingham based program and can be used alone or with any spelling or reading/phonics instruction. These activities make great tutoring and learning center activities. Activities are included at various levels for easy differentiation.

⭐Use all of the Cool Tools for Spelling Rules packs to create a complete interactive spelling rules notebook. A money saving bundle of all 11 packs includes the c/k rule, the ck/k rule, the FLSZ rule, tch and ch rule, j rules, y rule, hard and soft c rule, hard and soft g rule, doubling rule, drop the e rule, and the y to i rule.