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Item description

Spreadsheet Intermediate and Advanced Interactive & printable word search & crossword; printable dominoes activity & word scramble. A fun interactive spreadsheet demo & graded assessment quiz will make learning fun. Suitable for college and high school students.

1. Word search to help introduce technical vocabulary. A great introduction to complex features and functions.

2. A crossword to consolidate understanding Spreadhsheet terms

All materials allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

printable copies

interactive puzzles with and without timings (double click the index.html file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

Set of answers

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display interactive puzzles when tested)

3. Spreadsheet Dominoes & Word Scramble

Good plenary. It can be used as a group or pair activity.

It provides learners with the opportunity to identify complex terminology. Activities could be extended to include stretch and challenge by asking learners to explain or demonstrate some of the more complex features and functions. Alternatively, a time limit could be added.

PPT; pdf versions with answers (ppt shows the flow of answers for Dominoes).

4. Interactive SS Demos & Quiz /Assessment (HTML Version)

This resource contains an interactive quiz (10 questions) with integrated demonstrations of how to apply the following in Excel.

• Vlookup

• IF Statement

• Simple Pivot table

The user interface consists of: submit button, play, back, forward, fast forward (enables the user to speed up demonstration sections), rewind (answers cannot be changed). To exit close the browser or software.

Both quizzes have a pass rate of 80%; learners have the option of reviewing their answers at the end of the quiz whether they achieve the 80% pass mark or not.

HTML Resources Note:

Please make sure that you keep the HTML folder intact and run the index.html file from inside the folder. If you are adding to individual computers, please make sure that you add the whole file and then ask your students to open it up in the same manner as outlined above, thanks.

Please leave constructive feedback, many thanks.