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Spring Math And Literacy Packet for 1st Grade

There are 50 printable worksheets and activities in this spring unit. Many of the pages are aligned to the Common Core Standards. The pages can be used as homework, skill building, review work, morning work, small group time, or whole class.



*Earth Day ABC Order

*Cinco De Mayo ABC Order

*Build A Spring Sentence with Scrambled Words

*Build An Easter Bunny Sentence with Scrambled Words

*Build A Cinco De Mayo Sentence with Scrambled Words

*Spin A Compound Word

*The S Blend Garden (cut and paste)

*Circle The Correct S Blend

*Write The S Blend Words

*Circle The Blend (b, f, g, c blends)

*Write The Blend Words (b, f, g, c blends)

*The Digraph Garden (cut and paste)

*Circle The Beginning Digraph

*Write The Digraph Word

*Action Verb Flowers

*Make a Plural

*Plurals vs Possessives Page

*Nouns and Verbs Sort (cut and paste)*Frogs Out Of Order – use 4 out of order words to write a sentence

*Mixed Up Sombrero Sentences – use 5 mixed up words to write a sentence

*Write a Statement Worksheet

*Write a Question Worksheet

*Write About 3 Spring Pictures

*Write About 3 Easter Pictures

*Write About 3 Cinco De Mayo Pictures

*Spring Writing Stationary (3 pages)

*Cinco De Mayo Stationary (2 pages)

*Write The Missing Addends (sums and differences)

*Spring Color By Subtraction

*Cinco De Mayo Color By Addition

*Spin A Number And Find 10 More and 10 Less

*Time To The Half Hour

*Color, Count, Tally, and Graph for Spring

*Color, Count, Tally, and Graph for Easter

*Color, Count, Tally, and Graph for Cinco De Mayo

*An Odd Garden (odds and evens)

*Spring Fractions

*Counting With Coins

*Flower Pot Math – counting by 2s chart and word problem

*Flower Garden Math – complete a chart and count multiples of 5 petals

*Caterpillar Legs Math – counting by 10s chart and word problem


We hope you and your students enjoy this packet and find it useful.


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