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Are you looking to integrate social studies into your reading curriculum?


This resource includes 12 reading passages focused on St. Lucias Day. Each passage includes 2-3 questions that go along with the information in the reading.

The text is intended for K-2nd graders and can be read together as a class, in small groups, or independently!




  • What is St. Lucias Day
  • When is St. Lucias Day
  • Who celebrates St. Lucias Day
  • How do people celebrate St. Lucias Day
  • St. Lucia girl
  • St. Lucia boy
  • Wreath with candles
  • St. Lucia bun
  • Ginger cookies
  • Coffee
  • Cuccia
  • Bag of grains



If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the download please email me at [email protected] prior to leaving feedback. I will be more than happy to make any changes or corrections that are needed!