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St Patrick’s Day Sight words Literacy Centers (100 sight words (including First 40 Dolch, 44 Fundations)) are loaded with fun, hands on St Patrick’s Day themed activities to help your students build literacy concepts! Use this engaging St Patrick’s Day themed literacy activity to practice building first 40 Dolch Sight words, 44 Fundations and first 100 sight words. Students can use the letters to build sight words and keep them on the respective pre-labelled sight word cart. This activity is perfect for small groups, literacy centers or morning bins!


This St Patrick’s Day Sight Words Literacy Center includes:

  • 100 Sight Words on St Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Task Cards (including First 40 Dolch Sight Words and 44 Fundations)
  • a – z Gold Coin letters for kids to create the words.


Words included are:-

I, a, all, am, and, are, as, at, away, be, because, big, black, blue, brown, but, by, came, can, come, could, day, do, down, eat, eight, find, first, five, for, four, from, funny, get, go, got, green, has, have, he, help, her, here, him, his, in, is, it, jump, like, little, look, love, make, me, my, new, nine, no, not, of, off, on, one, out, pink, play, purple, red, run, said, saw, see, seven, she, six, so, ten, that, the, then, there, they, this, three, to, too, two, up, us, want, was, we, went, what, when, where, white, who, why, with, yellow, yes, you, your


Note: This file is for ONE classroom use only. Please do not share the link with others or post on a public class website.
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