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This NO PREP, easily differentiated causal conjunctions St Patrick’s themed oral game enables students to combine sentences and easily work on their grammar and syntax. Great to use in literacy centers, as a lesson opener or even for your substitute to run. Creating complete sentences to use in both creative and persuasive/ expository writing can now be fun and engaging for even your most reluctant student.

Use this causal connective word wall game to help your students learn how to use 18 different causal conjunctions verbally before putting pen to paper. Students play against each other 1:1 or in pairs to create interesting and accurate sentences to win points.

I love this game because it is SO versatile:

  • I can pull it out on the mornings when I’ve not had time to prep and students can still take part in meaningful learning whilst I get the rest of the lesson organized
  • I can informally check their understanding and plan an explicit lesson if necessary
  • Correct any misunderstandings individually rather than in front of the class
  • Students hold each other accountable through peer tutoring and collaborative learning (because they want to win!) which has a big effect size
  • Your weakest students can still participate alongside their friends who might be more able which is great for their confidence
  • Your most reluctant students will participate (said from experience!)

Finally it is FANTASTIC because it is all completed ORALLY so the pressure is off everyone!

REMEMBER if they can’t say it they can’t write it.

Once downloaded you will receive:

  • Detailed instructions to implement the game both as the teacher and the student
  • Ideas for extension
  • 4 versions of the connective wall focusing on causal conjunctions
  • 4 versions of the 18 causal connective cards for display and explicit teaching
  • 32 sentence openers to prompt your students if they can’t think of their own simple sentences

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