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These digital activities are a fun way to learn each letter of the alphabet! This digital and interactive resource includes moveable pieces & audio, and can be used with Google Slides for Google Classroom or PowerPoint. These digital task cards are perfect for literacy centers, whole group, review, distance learning, and homeschooling.

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with directions and a link to allow you to copy this resource to your Google Drive.

Slides included:

  • Letter Introduction (with audio for letter name and sound)
  • Uppercase Letter Tracing (animated)
  • Dab the Uppercase Letter
  • Find all the Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letter Tracing (animated)
  • Dab the Lowercase Letter
  • Find all the Lowercase Letters
  • Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
  • Reading Alphabet Words
  • Read and Match (eg. “Aa is for __) x2
  • Beginning Sound Sort
  • Find the matching sound (Short vowel)
  • Find the matching sound (Long vowel)
  • Type the Uppercase and Lowercase Letter
  • Find the missing letter x4 (with audio for each word)
  • “You Did It!” Slide

Google Classroom allows you to view your students’ work live from your computer. Simply select the file from your Google Drive and assign it as an assignment to your students (follow the directions in the file). Student’s work is automatically saved so you can review it when they turn it in. If you would like to create differentiated versions, then create multiple copies and delete or move the slides that you want.

These digital task cards are paperless and interactive. You can also use this resource in PowerPoint or by opening this Google Slides resource on your Smartboard, laptop, tablet, or iPad.