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Item description

This St. Patty’s Day holiday picture algebra puzzle comes with 10 pages of factoring a=1-based logic puzzles with icons or images in place of variables that are related to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. To complete the problems students will use their knowledge of number sense, solving equations and operations of numbers to determine which factors work and then use zero product property to find what is the equivalent to each image. This includes an EDITABLE PowerPoint file so you can change the values of the icon to work for your students.

⭐Skills Required:

  • Factoring a=1

❤️Resource is Great for:

  • Algebra
  • Brain Teasers
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Factoring Unit
  • St. Patrick’s Day themed


  • 30 puzzles
  • Some puzzles use only whole numbers while others incorporate integers
  • Differentiation ideas (create your own problems)
  • Answer key
  • 2 pages with + + solutions
  • 2 pages with – + solutions
  • 2 pages with – – solutions
  • 2 pages with + – solutions
  • 1 page of difference of squares
  • 1 pages of perfect square trinomials
  • Terms of Use
  • Create Your Own Puzzles with an EDITABLE POWERPOINT. ALL numbers can be edited.