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Do you need bright, fun images to show emotions in your Spring themed resources? These spring flower emoji clipart images are just what you need! With high-resolution images for printables and smaller images to use as movable pieces both included, you won’t need to look anywhere else! 

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This Still Emoji Clipart set includes:
  • Spring flower emoji faces in a variety of different colors
  • 286 PNG images altogether
  • 72 Emoji faces

  • Angry Face, Anguished Face, Anxious Face with Sweat, Astonished Face, Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes, Confounded Face, Confused Face, Crying Face, Disappointed Face, Downcast Face with Sweat, Expressionless Face, Face Blowing a Kiss, Face Savouring Food, Face Screaming in Fear, Face with Hand Over Mouth, Face with Monacle, Face with Open Mouth, Face with Raised Eyebrow, Face with Rolling Eyes, Face with Tongue, Fearful Face, Flushed Face, Frowning Face, Frowning Face with Open Mouth, Grimacing Face, Grinning Face, Grinning Face with Big Eyes, Grinning Face with Heart Eyes, Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes, Grinning Face with Sweat, Grinning Face with Tears of Joy, Grinning Squinting Face, Hugging Face, Hushed Face, Kissing Face, Kissing Face with Closed Eyes, Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes, Loudly Crying Face, Lying Face, Nerd Face, Neutral Face, Partying Face, Pensive Face, Persevering Face, Pouting Face, Relieved Face, Rolling on the Floor Laughing, Sad but Relieved Face, Shushing Face, Sleeping Face, Sleepy Face, Slightly Frowning Face, Slightly Smiling Face, Smiling Face, Smiling Face with Halo, Smiling Face with Hearts, Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes, Smiling Face with Sunglasses, Smiling Winking Face, Smirking Face, Squinting Face with Tongue, Star Struck, Thinking Face, Tired Face, Unamused Face, Upside Down Face, Weary Face, Winking Face with Tongue, Worried Face, Yawning Face, Zany Face, Zipper Mouth Face

  • Black and White line art
  • 2 copies of each image
  • A high-resolution copy (300 dpi) for use in printable resources
  • A low-resolution copy for use as movable pieces in digital resources

I am only charging for 100 images in this set – the other 186 images are included for FREE!

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All designs and images from Colleen’s Cosmic Collection are the creative property of Colleen Schwartz.

As the original purchaser of this product, you have permission to use it for personal or commercial purposes. This licence is only for 1 person and is non-transferable. If more people wish to use these graphics, they need to purchase separate licences.

Most sets of clipart purchased from Colleen’s Cosmic Collection contains 2 versions

  • Large, high-quality images

  • Small, lower-quality images


  • Use my images in any way for your own personal and non-commercial creations with no restrictions!

  • Use my images commercially, provided you give credit to Colleen’s Cosmic Collection, with a clickable link to my store (https://www.madebyteachers.com/seller/colleens-cosmic-collection/) and follow all the requirements laid out in this document.

  • Use my images in resources as long as the main focus of the resource is your own content, not my clipart.

  • Use still PNG images in the “High-Resolution Images” folder in any resource as long as they are flattened and safely secured in the background of your resource.

  • Use still PNG images in the “Movable Images” folder as movable pieces in any digital resource.


  • Claim my images as your own.

  • Redistribute my graphics as is in any way.

  • Use my graphics to create clipart to sell.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you so much,

Colleen Schwartz