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Get ready for some Star Wars Graphing!

These pages are perfect for “May the Fourth” or anytime, just Print & Go! Students love “Spin & Graph” pages, they are fun & engaging.

COUNT, TALLY & GRAPH – 4 pages

Students color by picture, then count and tally in spaces provided. They color in the graph to represent the data.

SPIN & GRAPH – 8 pages

Students use a paperclip and pencil to spin. Color in the graph each time you spin until one of the pictures reaches the top of the graph.

  • 4 pages have questions to answer.
  • 4 pages with the same spinners as the previous 4 pages, but with an open ended data format. Look over your data and write an “I noticed…” statement. Examples; I noticed there were more bells than trees. I noticed there were 3 more blank than blank. I noticed the “—–” were the least.