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These four easy-to-use worksheets provide students with practice in using state-of-being verbs.

The first two worksheets give students sentences with a blank to fill in
and the word choices listed under the blank. (1 worksheet for am-is-are,
and one worksheet for was-were). The third worksheet gives them a Word
Box with all five of the state-of-being verbs and asks them to choose
the best one for the blank in each sentence. The fourth worksheet lets
students draw lines to match subjects and verbs, and also choose verbs
to fill in blanks in sentences.

Designed for students in
Grades 1 and 2. These worksheets can be used for students just
learning this topic, or for review/reinforcement. Perfect for
back-to-school review!

Supports Common Core standards L.1.1c, L1.1e, L2.1.

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