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Here’s a fun way for kids to learn about The Stations of the Cross during Lent, Holy Week, Easter, or any time. This is a passport for The Way of the Cross where kids can collect stamps for each of The Stations of the Cross that they visit. The stamp can be added to each page for the station, or they can be added at the back of the booklet on the stamp pages.

Each page of the booklet has an image of the station, along with the prayers and the Stabat Mater for that station. In addition, there’s a page of the opening prayers and prayer intentions. There’s also a student information page where they can put a photo of themselves, just like a real passport! The pages are numbered and the stations pages go in between in their proper order.

There is also an optional 15th station, The Resurrection, which is often used at some parishes. This is currently only a page and a stamp is not yet available. UPDATE: The stamp for the 15th station is now available. This update is not shown in the preview.

Cut the cover out along the solid line and fold on the dashed line. Then cut each of the pages out on the solid lines and place them in order inside the cover. There is an area to staple on the edge so that it doesn’t interfere with the pages.

The passport for The Way of the Cross is available in a color version or a black & white/gray scale version.

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