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This is a Christian write the room activity that is perfect for any religion classroom, homeschool, Sunday School, and more during Lent, Holy Week, Easter, or any time! There are 14 cards with the Stations of the Cross with the picture (includes station number) and name. These can be placed around the room and have the kids write on their worksheet what it is.


The cards alone could be used for flashcards!


There are also 3 types of sheets included. One has the words for little ones to trace and the other 2 have different blank lines with the station for the kids to write as they get to each card location.


UPDATE: There has been a card with the optional 15th station (The Resurrection) added. Also, there is a writing/record sheet added for each type, so you can choose between 14 or 15 stations. This update is not shown in the preview.


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