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Story starters can be a useful tool in the classroom to help students develop their creativity, imagination, and writing skills. They can also be a fun and engaging way to spark students’ interest in writing and get them excited about expressing their own ideas and thoughts on paper. 

Story starters can help students improve their ability to generate ideas and get their creative juices flowing, which can be useful in other areas of their academic and personal lives. 

Story starters can be a useful way to introduce new themes, vocabulary, or writing styles to students in an engaging and interactive way.


❖ 19 different story starters

❖ each with lines for writing

❖ each comes one with a picture and the same starter without the picture.

❖ each one also comes with an extra page with a matching page border and lines in case the students story takes more than one page!


  1. Writing prompts: Give students a story starter and have them use it as the beginning of a story. Encourage them to use their imagination and let their creativity take over as they continue writing.
  2. Group activity: Divide students into small groups and give each group a different story starter. Have them work together to brainstorm and come up with a story using the given starter as the beginning.
  3. Writing centers: Set up a writing center in the classroom and include a variety of story starters for students to choose from. Encourage students to visit the writing center during free time and choose a starter to use as the beginning of their own story.
  4. Morning warm-up: Start each day by sharing a story starter with the class and have students spend a few minutes writing a short story based on the starter.
  5. Homework assignments: Give students a story starter as a homework assignment and have them write a story based on the starter for the next class.
  6. Storytelling game: Choose a story starter and have students take turns adding a sentence or two to the story, building upon the previous sentence until a complete story is created.

Easy Prep! Print and go. Can be printed in color for optimal quality, however, a black and white copy works just as well for student engagement!

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