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Strip Diagram Battle! is a fun way for students to find the missing number in a strip diagram and compare the missing number with the missing number on their partner’s card. 

This game is meant to be played in pairs. The game can be played during guided math groups or in math work stations while you teach small groups.

This purchase includes:

  • 3 color-coded sets of the game (so six students can be playing at the same time)
  • Each set has different numbers in the strip diagrams.
  • Each set includes strip diagrams modeling addition and subtraction.
  • Two “Show Your Work” sheets that can be copied for all players
  • One recording sheet that can be copied for all players
  • Color-coded answer keys (students can cross off correct answers as they solve each set of missing numbers).

Each set contains 40 playing cards and 1 card with game instructions.

This game is an engaging alternative to worksheet practice!