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Picking student partners and grouping students will never be easier with these pairing and grouping cards in a fun seasonal theme! Students will love the mystery in not knowing who their partners is!


There are 24 pairs of seasonal paired items – makes a total of 48 cards. These come in color and black and white for you to print on colored stock paper if you prefer.

It’s as easy as print, laminate, cut and glue onto a popsicle stick (optional) and put into a jar or container and have students pick a random card.

Pairing Poster Guides: Pairing poster guides are provided for all 4 seasons in color and black and white for those who are unsure of which pairs go together. Each season has 6 pairs of items (12 cards per season)

You could group students based on each pair or if you need to sort students into groups, sort them by season!!

Pairing pals record sheet:

Recording sheet to record partner names.