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Looking for a student planner and agenda to stay organized, reduce stress, and improve learning? Look no further than the Awesome Student Planner for 2022-2023! This versatile calendar is great for students to use at home and for schools to use for distance learning. It features monthly, daily, and weekly calendar pages, notes, homework helpers, project planning pages, and more. Plus, it’s printable, editable, and digital for use in Google Drive™.


Customize it with various predated calendar forms, cover designs, organization pages, information add-ins, and homework helpers to create the perfect tool for getting and staying organized. So why wait? Get this awesome planner now.


Most students have some issues with keeping up with assignments, projects, after-school activities, chores, and social events. Now there is a fun way to help. This agenda will be updated FREE each year so it can be used again and again.


Awesome Features

♥ Easy print PDF – ready to use.

♥ Editable in PowerPoint™ and Google Slides™ for customization.

♥ Versions with and without pre-inserted text boxes.

♥ Completely digital Google Slides™ version with movable organization stickers.

♥ The digital version is linked for easy navigation.

Predated calendars – Updated for FREE.

♥ Predated weekly agenda pages in two styles for younger and older elementary students.

♥ Color-coded for visual organization.

♥ 7 Homework helpers include basic information on phonics, language arts, and math concepts to help students independently complete assignments.

♥ An easy and economic guide to setting up, editing, printing, and binding the agenda. Please read first for information on how to use and edit the files.

♥ 10 organizational add-in pages to get just the right setup for your needs.

♥ Pages for students to add notes, doodles, journals, and fun stuff!

♥ 8 premade and editable cover pages. Use them as-is or create a one-of-a-kind look.

♥ Divider pages and editable tabs.


This edition is dated from April 2022 to December 2023.


➠ See the photos for a sample of the fun agenda pages.


In addition to weekly pages color-coded by subject, students can add pages to keep track of daily assignments, long-term projects, before and after school activities, books read, friends, teacher contact information, emergency contacts, passwords, school schedules, journals, and, notes. Pages are editable to create extra individualized add-ins.


Homework helpers allow students to have ready references to assist in completing assignments independently. Topics include: alphabet and phonics sounds, colors, numbers, shapes, handwriting, punctuation, editing, grammar terms, what to do if I don’t know a word, multiplication, hundreds, and rounding charts, fractions, problem-solving terms, time, place value.


NOTE: Please make sure you have the correct program to view and edit this resource. To edit the files, you should use PowerPoint (newer than 2008) or Google Slides. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF. You will need a Google account to access the digital version.