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Enliven the classroom with a rich discussion about motivation and delayed gratification. Watch a delightful video of an experiment with marshmallows that drives home the idea of the lesson — Would you take a pleasurable treat now, or would you wait, and get two treats (instead of one)?

Essential Question: What encourages motivation? What is delayed gratification?

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 I Do / We Do / You Do Lesson Plan and Guide

  • 1 Editable Student-Facing Version Optimized for Google Apps

  • 1 Visual Aid for Discussion

  • 1 Task Card Set

  • 1 Discussion Tracker Sheet

  • 2 Exit Tickets

  • Bonus: Entrance and Exit Tickets in Google Forms format

Note: Youtube and other multimedia links are included in this resource. However, this resource does not contain actual digital video files.

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